Turn a Wiimote into a Midicontroller via PureData

With this PureData patch you can turn a Wiimote into a class compliant MIDI-controller.

Most likely you would run this on a raspberry pi (with bluetooth).

There you would first install PureData and the Wiimote externals via the terminal:

sudo apt install puredata
# open once before installing externals.
sudo apt-get install pd-wiimote
# if it does not get detected => Preferences > Startup > add > wiimote
sudo apt autoremove

Then you open this patch, change the address of the Wiimote to yours and start controlling your instruments with movement. Enjoy!

How to use:

I set it up in a way that pressing a or b in combination with one of the direction-buttons selects a channel to send the x and y positions respectively. So for example holding B and UP sends x to channel 16 and y to 106. But that is very easily changed to whatever you need.

If you want to place the patch in the autostart of your raspberry you have to edit this file:

sudo nano /etc/xdg/lxsession/LXDE-pi/autostart

There you just add the line:

pd /home/benno/Documents/Pd/midiwii.pd

Of course changing the path to your given destination.