T2051MCC (2021)


The 2051 Munich Climate Conference was a project that combined science and performing arts. Scientists from around the world were invited to present original research on the climate. The twist: everything had to be presented from the perspective of an imagined future in the year 2051.

T2051MCC took place on 18–19 September 2021 as a combined online and live event, and was open to the general public.

On site the audience could attend the lectures, explore the very particular venue of the Bellevue di Monaco and mingle with other interested people and researchers. For everyone elsewhere, there were digital versions of the various rooms available online (“mozilla hubs”, you can find them through the portal).

Additionally, there were performances, music, food and all the good stuff.

30 years after the then-groundbreaking Paris Agreement came into effect, the 2051 Munich Climate Conference has the mandate to look back at the knowledge and discourses in the time of the first truly global agreement to combat climate change.

Who is behind T2051MCC?

On behalf and with the guidance of THE DEPARTMENT, we – a group of independent artists and scholars around the Büro Grandezza theatre collective – are planning and organizing T2051MCC.

Since this is our first project which is directly issued by THE DEPARTMENT we are utmost intent to find out where this journey will take us and our loved ones. In our projects, we usually aim at expanding the possibilities of theater. As experts in fiction and drama we seek to enter into other relationships with the world. We create scenes and situations in which art becomes research and the audience becomes part of the work of art.

We are creating art because we believe that we have to face fear, hatred and injustice with the sunniest and liveliest of humankind: our desire to play, our thirst for knowledge, our longing for a different and better world.

Büro Grandezza team

T2051MCC directors: Andreas W. Kohn, Benno Heisel, Theresa Spielmann
Academic Advisor: Sebastian Schindler
Embodiment Facilitator: Isabelle Cohn
Project Management Assistant: Jennifer Zoll

Collaborating artists

Scenography and Arts at Bellevue di Monaco: Susi Gelb
Costumes: Martha Pinsker
Executive costumer: Marlene Rösch

Additional team

Moderators: Nabila AbdelAziz, Souad Alfa, Zahra Akhlaqi, Sebastian Schindler
Performers: Diana Marie Müller, Robert Spitz
Chief Technician: Lionel Dzaack
Communications: Christiane Pfau
Online spaces and website: Moby Digg: Maximilian Heitsch, Sebastian Haiss, Ines Huber, Susanne Janssen, Lisa Duespohl
Streaming: Markus Kink / MediaBox TV
Mobile Camera: Pablo Lauf, Moha Ebrahimi
Concept and idea (2018-2020): Nikolaus Witty
Project Management:Laura Martegani, Rat & Tat Kulturbüro